Video Stream Clarity Test

No one likes a blurry, opaque stream - in nature, or in their video.

Reducing video file size important, but not at the cost of video quality. Test your transcoded video against the original file to measure the change in quality.

To test the video quality of your video, you need the original video (the reference), and the transcoded video.

Enter the urls of both videos below, and we'll calculate 3 common video quality metrics for you.

Reference video url:

Transcoded video url:

What Video Quality Metrics are measured?

Structural Simularity (SSIM): Wikipedia

Perceived Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR): Wikipedia

Video Multimethod Assessment Fusion (VMAF): Wikipedia

In general, higher numbers are better.

Built by Doug Sillars

Code on Github

Hosted on a small EC2 instance, so calculations are queued and slow.